The Petting Zoo 2018



Somewhere within Melbourne’s concrete jungle there’s a place where the music bumps the animals run free.

The Petting Zoo

The Petting Zoo hosts a series of day festivals and events in and around Melbourne.

This one in particular is an utopia where 4000 humans of all shapes and sizes come together to unleash the animal inside. This years December edition boasted two boldly dressed stages, roaming fruit bearing theatricals, food stands, bars, a ball pit with shops and glitter parlours.

A small festive with the energy of a volcano. Powered threw Funktion Ones and fuelled by the likes of Dennis Cruz, Latmun, Miguel, Campbell and Max Chapman to name a few, the energy was electric, the dance moves where on point and the seas of animals where storming!

As per usual my favourite part of shooting any festival is getting stuck in and capturing the people and this one was no exception, what a lovely bunch, smiles, kisses and hugs everywhere.

. . .

My journey,

This was the second festival I’ve shot since arriving in Australia, with this one I rocked up the early the day of the event with my camera gear, asked to speak to the director, introduced myself and offered my services for free as a trail to show what i’m capable of. Cracking the Australian market is tough and I was lucky to have met someone who has put in a good word for me with future events. Free jobs can potentially result introductions to get paid work. To any photographers who are new and trying to get into festivals, just keep trying work hard and the doors will eventually open somewhere.

Thank you to everyone who I met for making it what it was, you all know who you are!

Till the next one!