The First NYD! 2019



Background. The First NYD, located minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, lands as the first major New Years Day festival on the Australian calendar and deliver some of the biggest music superstars that have dominated music, radio and streaming charts across the globe in recent years. ‘The First’ is a fresh approach to New Years Day in one of Melbourne’s most iconic outdoor venues - The Sidney Myer Music Bowl. For music and entertainment fans, it is an affordable and exciting experience to see some of the best new talent alongside high profile favourites - the perfect way to bring in the New Year.

The Presets

The Presets

New Years Day and there’s no better way to get stuck into whats going to be a huge year! Welcome to The First NYD, located next to the Royal Botanic Gardens is a massive concert bowl with ample seating and views from every angle. An impressive arena for just as impressive names. Adjacent the main stage lies an other arena, Piknic Electronic which boasts just as strong a vibe to its own. The event was pumping, the stages where enveloping and the acts where on fire!


Im going to keep the writing short and sweet filled with the juicy bits followed by a few mini albums.

So first of all, the Energy was electric and the Artist where all about loving the audience! We had Action Bronson leave the stage, vault the pit and roam around the crowd posing for selfies while giving out fist bumps, hand shakes and hugs. M.I.A took to the pit for a intimate performance and the Presets showered the crowd with an immersive experience of light shows and erupting smoke. There was a lively audience bouncing in the arena during performances and chilled out on inflatable sofas on the grass in-between dance marathons.


Action Bronson

The Presets

Piknic Electronic

Thank You’s

Massive Thank You to the Hardware Group for accepting my invitation to shoot their festival, It was and absolute pleasure to be there, I hope you like the photos, hopefully more to come! Also Thank You to everyone I met to for making it what I was, I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as I did!

My journal - Most of the festivals I shoot tend to be theatre based, which this one wasn’t but it meant I could focus more on the music which I was really grateful for, The acts where of such high quality I’m relieved I was able to concentrate on them. Second time shooting M.I.A and the lighting this time was beyond perfect, natural light flooding the stadium mixed with smoke with a close and personal shot of her with her fans, I seemed to have been in all the perfect places at the right times. I find its half intuition and knowledge of where to position yourself mixed sheer luck, spontaneous artist movements can be a little tricky to anticipate sometimes. The moment I loved the most was M.I.A walking up to me and striking a pose for the camera, Boom! One for the portfolio. Really enjoyed myself, I hope to shoot for this company again, they where amazing!