Fieldview Festival 2017




So for those of us that don't know . . .  Fieldview Festival is a non-profit, grass roots, weekend of happiness and adventures based in the North of Wiltshire (United Kingdom), its run by volunteers and their surplus funds go to charities and causes they love and believe in.

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to work with these guys last year and they where kind enough to invite me back this year for a unforgettable weekend. The festival is small but really friendly, full of love, happiness and acceptance, it's really a rare gem and a one of a kind vibe. I'd recommend it to any fun loving person of any age, it's incredibally reasonably priced at £80 a weekender ticket and I would say its in my personal top 2 festivals.

As a photographer there where many moment that stood out but these below where just a few

Here we have two newly weds reenacting their wedding ceremony

I caught this wedding party completely by surprise as they where throwing confetti in the air, obviously this being a pretty big moment I couldn't help but ask them if they wanted to stage a bit of a confetti walking down the isle shot, as you can see form the photos they obliged and we have what is the little sequence of photos that are above. I've since contacted the couple, sent them their photos and and asked about this moment, hopefully they get back to me and I I'll have a little more of a story to share with you all. 

An other moment I truly enjoyed shooting was Youngr's set .

This guy is incredible to watch, he has an impressive immersive rig that he expresses his magic threw, If you haven't heard his sound before I strongly recommend checking out his youtube channel where you can see his music videos (  ), eventually there will be a video of this exact set here at Fieldview for you all to see for yourselves the vibes that where being pumped out.

. . . and importantly

I can't write this blog without mentioning the beautiful people who where part of making it a magical place, I wish I had the chance to hang out with everyone more and get to know people for more than a brief moment where I capture these pictures. It was an honest pleasure to meet everyone and I wish id had more time to mingle and get to know people, one of the downside to taking photos and having to be at a million different locations at once. 

For more check out their website to see all of the fantasticalness this place has to offer, don't forget to follow their fb and Insta pages to be kept in the loop. 

 Thank You to Fieldview, the team, and everyone I met, you all know who you are,

Thank You for making it special!