I'm a curious creative with a genuine fascination for people

 I'm currently living in Australia, shooting events, festivals and brands, i’m also assisting photographers in the commercial world.

 I'm a person of simple pleasures, when Im not capturing moments I'm out exploring with friends, perfecting my aikido and sharing far out ideas.

For me photography is more than just an art, its a tool to tell stories, it’s an expression. I tend to ponder and envision a narrative and develop a way of bringing it to life. I endeavour to create images who suck you into the frame, I want my viewers to experience the happening as if they where there, “the authentic experience”.

I’m a massive fan of directed environment portraits. I like to guide my subjects to communicate a message to the viewer, I strive for my images to be expressive, emotive and to have language.

I understand my clients have marketing needs and that sometimes theres a need for a more traditional photography approach which I am just as excited to deliver. I bring my many years of experiences in shooting, lighting and editing to the table for all styles.

I've shot for a bunch of companies, Boomtown Fair, Licklist, Everfest, DJ DJmag, Acoustic Guitar, Tokyo World, Alfresco Disco, Brystal Maze, The Pleasure Garden, The Petting Zoo to name a few. I've been creating images professionally since 2010, I absolutely love what I do, I'm here to stay.




How can I be of service, please don’t hesitate to, i’m here to help.

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‘Tristan is an incredibly enthusiastic and hardworking photographer. He consistently provides the Boomtown media team with stunning marketing images. He’s polite, friendly and always one of the first people on the team list. This year will be his 3rd with us and I can’t wait to see what he produces.’
— Scott M Salt - Photography Manager - Boomtown Fair
‘ Tristan has been covering festivals and club events for us since 2014. Of the 900 photographers on our books he’s our go to photographer for festivals in and around the South West of England. His work is always completed to a high standard, he’s reliable and would adhere to our briefs and complete them on time. We strongly recommend him, he would be a great addition to any team! ’
— Brad Nobbs - CEO & Co-Founder - Licklist
‘Tristan totally nailed our festival photography. The quality of the shots were consistently brilliant, and he managed to cover all stages, events and range of people with both intimacy and grandeur. He’s also super nice and easy to work with. Definitely booking him for all future events.
— Kate G Hibbs - Photography Manger - Fieldview Festival

Tristan has worked for AJ Entertainment as our events/music/festival photographer since Dec 2012. The quality of his work was always done to a high standard, he was always reliable and would think outside the box. His versatility of being able to work in any location and his likeable character made it easy for him to work with everyone. He’s a true asset to the team, will not let you down and always works to a high standard. We would have him back if and when he returns.
— AJ Mayhew - Director - AJ Entertainment