Cal-Tristan Photographer

Hi, my name's Tristan and I'm a self taught, British creative with a genuine fascination for people.

I'm a person of simple pleasures, when Im not capturing moments I'm out exploring with friends, practising aikido or pondering life and all things in it, I love far out ideas.

Im also bit of a dreamer, to me photography is more than just an art its an expression, I ponder and imagine a lot of the photos I shoot, I visualise what I want to say and I find a way of bringing them to life.

I've shot for a bunch of companies including, Boomtown Fair Festival, Licklist, and Everfest, I plan to shoot for many more.

I've been freelancing for the past 7 years, I absolutely love what I do and I can't see myself doing anything different.



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‘Tristan totally nailed our festival photography. The quality of the shots were consistently brilliant, and he managed to cover all stages, events and range of people with both intimacy and grandeur. He’s also super nice and easy to work with. Definitely booking him for all future events.
— Kate G Hibbs - Photography Manger - Fieldview Festival
‘Tristan is an incredibly enthusiastic and hardworking photographer. He consistently provides the Boomtown media team with stunning marketing images. He’s polite, friendly and always one of the first people on the team list. This year will be his 3rd with us and I can’t wait to see what he produces.’
— Scott M Salt - Photography Manager - Boomtown Fair